Life of an Artist and Athlete

Coors Frame 7 with coors.png

Every “New Year”, I designate my reach goals and tangible goals in order to instigate change from old patterns and create new ones. Never did I expect to accomplish one of my “reach” goals this early in the year! I was lucky to have the opportunity to play one of my favorite sports growing up for a Coors Light commercial. Not only did I have an incredible time and meet some amazing, female talents, but I also was respected and generously compensated for my time on set.

This experience made me reflect back on some obstacles I faced in High School, where my multi-talents weren’t as supported and encouraged. I grew up an athlete in addition to my dance background and passion for the Theatre. I played soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis and ran track. I literally lived The High School Musical, except I didn’t have a six pack (aka Zac Efron) and my school did not let you dance on tables whenever you felt like busting out into a song. I was the starting point guard for our varsity basketball team and the female lead, Baker’s Wife, in our musical production of Into the Woods.

#4 Rachel -Slam dunkedited.jpg

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I handled what could have been an unpleasant situation with clarity and class, and was able to balance my two passions, Sports and Entertainment, with grace. However, there were many teammates, classmates and teachers who acted as anchors instead of sails to my ship. Subsequently, I made the choice to focus on my performance skills even further for the following show/season to alleviate some of the stress and drama from the last experiment. After several years of being one of my High School’s leading varsity athletes, this was undoubtedly a tough decision for me, but it truly demonstrated my determination to be an artist.

One impact that my accomplishment had on my school and peers, is that many of them realized the limits they have placed on themselves. They soon realized that we often can accomplish much more than we initially think, as long as we are willing to do the work and stretch ourselves. Many of my teachers commented that they were extremely impressed with my choice to break the norm, thus  inspired them to encourage and challenge their younger students to expand their talents and not limit themselves.

Being able to step back into my athletic roots while pursuing my dreams in entertainment was truly an unforgettable experience that I hope to continue to foster and create! Thank you to my family, friends and teachers who always believed in me and encouraged me to trust my talents, even if it meant stepping out of my comfort zone. Please enjoy the full commercial below (I am #24 guarding the hero girl in the 3rd, 5th and 6th shots):

Coors Light Commercial


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