A Time for Celebration and Reflection!

We are halfway through the year!!! I seriously can’t believe how fast this year has been flying. When pursuing your dreams every day, adapting constantly to unpredictable obstacles, while also enjoying and having fun along the way, can most definitely make time fly. I am beyond happy and grateful for the many incredible, creative opportunities I have experienced thus far this year and look forward to many more to come! As we come to this halfway mark in 2017, I did some reflecting on all the moving pieces and choices I’ve made for my career, and I’m excited to highlight and share some of the key moments with all of you, who continue to support and believe in me. I trust that these creative goals and milestones will continue to spiral my career in the right direction:

  • I just booked an incredible job opportunity to be the main face and performer for the American Heart Association’s Hands-Only CPR Campaign to help educate others on how to give immediate help to an adult who is suffering from cardiac arrest. We hope to save many lives and I will be sharing this journey often on social media during the cross country tour coming this September 2017.
  • I officially signed with a new manager, Tiauna Jackson, who represents me across the board. She has already sent me out on some awesome auditions including a Nickelodeon and Google opportunity. Thank you again and I had a blast booking the room! Tiauna has been a supportive coach who challenges and pushes me to be the professional in this industry that I want to be, while encouraging a dedicated, prepared mentality in order to truly enjoy and master my art as an actress and filmmaker. A fun fact, Tiauna and I actually had met before on the Fauk My Life set as she was an Associate Producer on the pilot episode.
  • Speaking of Fauk My Life, the series continues to evolve in a successful direction as the pilot continues to gain acceptances and winning awards at numerous film festivals, as well as being shopped around to potential backers to create the rest of the series for audiences to enjoy. We just had a promo shoot with the new talent cast in the series and can’t wait to share more with you soon!


  • Having the opportunity to be the lead in a Women In Film PSA and be featured at a showcase event hosted by 72andSunny Productions, who produced the Coors Light Commercial I was in at the beginning of the year. It was such an incredible honor to be in a room filled with female power houses who constantly create and innovate was truly a special highlight of this year.
  • The Breaking Legs film I was a featured dancer in officially released on Amazon, ITunes, On Demand and is currently on DVD. Another independent feature film I was featured in The Dark Tapes released on Amazon and ITunes as well.
  • My production company Kalliste Zoe Productions continues to push content, one in particular that I produced, assistant directed and acted in called Alleys, which officially premiered at the Downtown Independent Theatre this July 12th. We are also creating new projects including comedic sketches and an independent feature film. Visit my website to connect and stay updated on current projects. Enjoy this behind the scenes video from the premiere event!

There is so much more work to be done this year as there are many personal and business goals that I’d like to still accomplish. I look forward to tackling each new day with love and light while pursuing what my heart desires most. Thank you all for the constant support, as I wouldn’t be making the career progress that I am without you!

Mary Rachel Gardner Professional Website

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