Be Open and Vulnerable


What’s so incredible about this art form is that I’ve been able to get in touch with my truest self and discover what’s been getting in my way. With each piece or project I participate in, I’m able to bring out a new, unique me. I enjoy every moment that I get to dress up, explore a new world and simply play!

Mary Rachel Gardner

Jon Benét Ramsey The Musical


I will be playing Detective Arndt, the Judge and several ensemble roles in the first premiere of Jon Benét Ramsey The Musical, featuring at the Hollywood Fringe Festival this summer! When I first attended the audition for this musical, I did not know the story of sweet, innocent Jon Benét and the mysterious, unsolved case. The witty, daring musical director and writer have created a show that is very entertaining, informative and features many Broadway Songs but adapted to tell the story about Jon Benét’s murder, including Phantom’s ‘Masquerade’, Les Miserables ‘I Dreamed a Dream’, Sound of Music’s ‘Favorite Things’ and Chicago’s Razzle Dazzle’.  I have had a blast so far with the incredibly, talented cast and directors. We also found out that Chuvy Bravo, from The Chelsea Lately Show, will be playing Jon Benét’! This will be an exciting experience. For ticket info click the link below:

Jon Benet Ramsey The Musical

Be Your Own Ocean


(Cork, Ireland)

Life is spontaneous and unpredictable; there is no correct formula to determine how to tackle this crazy journey. It’s every changing and shifting; some days are stormy and others are clear. So it’s essential to have care, compassion and commitment to simply “be”. Flow with each new current and exist with the natural, temporary fluidity of life and you will find peaceful harmony within yourself. Go out there and create your own Big Blue Ocean that you can freely float around in with light, laughter and love!

Mary Rachel Gardner