A Heartwarming Road Trip


I still can’t believe that my path has lead me into a Hands-Only CPR Mobile Tour with the American Heart Association in collaboration with the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation to educate people across the nation on a valuable skill that might help save someone’s life one day. I remember I came across the breakdown on Backstage looking for a “Performer Facilitator” role to help teach CPR. I was not thinking much other thanĀ I already know CPR and am certified because I work with children in between my set and production life, so why not give it a shot? Little did I know that this fun, educational video audition I submitted would lead me to an incredible opportunity. I had to commit to about 5 weeks on the road, traveling to 22 cities across the East Coast, South and Midwest, which definitely would be a new adventure and commitment for me. However, with my many experiences traveling abroad in other countries, I had a slight inclination that I could handle life on the road.

What a journey this was…exploring amazing parts of the country I never thought I would travel to, meeting beautiful people, trying delicious food and making new friends. I couldn’t have asked for a more humbling, exciting opportunity that I not only got to do what I love as a performer but also as a humanitarian. If I didn’t pursue a career in entertainment, I would have most likely gone into medicine or worked with children. I naturally love to teach and help guide others into light and laughter. This was the perfect mix of two great passions of mine. To be offered the chance to utilize my knowledge and creative talents to help make a difference in the world, was truly special to me.

The constant feedback my tour team and I received from locals and the American Heart representatives was unbelievably heartwarming. They were so grateful to us for putting our heart and soul into every show, bringing such positive warmth and fun to what can be a serious topic. About 350,000 cardiac arrest cases happen in public or in the comfort of people’s homes each year, and unfortunately about 90% of the victims don’t make it due to a lack of an immediate response. Many people are either scared they will do something wrong and potentially hurt the victim, or they just don’t know what to do at all. The American Heart Association has done an amazing job with coordinating such an informative training event that people will never forget and hopefully utilize the new learned skill if they ever find someone having a cardiac arrest. It was shocking to learn that many Americans don’t know that cardiovascular conditions and disorders are the number one leading causes of death in the United States. We need to unite together, educate ourselves and make a commitment to spread the word that CPR Saves Lives!

Please enjoy some snippets of this CPR journey below and if you want to learn more about classes near you and how you can best prepare yourself, visit: Hands Only CPR


We also made it on many local news stations:


WBKO ABC 13 News

KY3 NBC News


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